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Build app like uber with our next-gen technologies. Accelerate your taxi business with an app!
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How Can Uber Like App Boost Your Business Base Online?

An app like Uber is a focused technological solution that enables your company to offer amazing services to your potential customers. In addition, the solution performs better because it has all the necessary components and features.

Customers can more easily order the goods or services you provide through your website or app while sitting at home with an app creator similar to Uber. Additionally, it includes all the required features that effectively meet the requirements of service providers.  


An Uber-like app enables them to increase their earnings by accepting more requests while they are idle. Build your own uber app that supports and addresses every consumer need. Create your own uber app and dive into the realm of on-demand business. 


An Uber-like app-building solution stack can be customized to meet your requirements and ensure users have a great experience. For example, real-time data reports map every company’s activity and earnings. While also eliminating the hassle of booking a car service, you can add many more on-demand services.  


Keep up with trends with the ability to customize the app layout and logo included in the full bundle. Develop a taxi app with us so that users have a fantastic experience. 

Create An App Like Uber That Empowers Your Business

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White Label & Customization

Get an on-demand, completely white-labeled solution that features your brand and identity & can be customized for iOS and Android.

Create An App Like Uber
Scalable & Cost-Effective

Get a unique experience powered by our robust technologies, which will adapt to your on-demand company requirements.

App Like Uber
24/7 Customer Support

Get a dedicated account manager and 24/7 technical help from our experienced team to handle all your problems immediately.

White-label App Like uber
Powerful Analytics

Through the admin panel, you can create sales reports and get real-time data that will help you expand your on-demand business.

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Go Live In No Time

Leverage our pre-built industry apps, like the Uber solution, to save time and money and go live as quickly as 3 days.

Create An App Like Uber
Fully Automated Operations

With our completely automated uber like app, you can respond to client requests quickly. Create a more sophisticated, automated taxi dispatch service.

Build An App Like Uber For A More Compelling Digital Experience! Get In Touch Today.

Create A Taxi Booking App With A Best-In-Class App Development Company

Are you interested in creating an uber-like taxi booking app for Android or iOS? We are your one-stop shop for developing Uber-like apps. As a leading Uber-like app developer, we help our customers put intelligent, analytics-driven applications into use. We specialize in creating cutting-edge taxi apps.

With our Uber-like app development services, we assist clients in growing their companies and utilizing digital marketing. In addition, our taxi app developers work with partners to implement data-driven insights to improve performance across ride-hailing market segments.

Create an app like uber with the right technological foundation. Start your cab company off on the right foot. With our uber-like booking app development services, we mix creativity and expertise to make your clients' riding experience hassle-free. The needs of the customer are given the top priority at ApplikeUber. We will devote every effort to ensure the success of your online ride-hailing business.

We Have The Technology To Optimize And Boost Your Business

GPS Tracking, Maps, And Routes

Our app’s GPS tracking component gives the driver, passenger, and admin access to real-time position data and chooses the fastest and least time-consuming routes.


Before you schedule a ride, we give you all the required details about the expense & timeframe. You can stay out of unnecessary hassle and cost negotiations by doing this. 

Real-Time In-App Chat

We integrate real-time chat into your website or mobile applications to offer prompt & easy help to your valued customers. It will delight & attract more clients. 

Smart Dispatch System

Get our Uber-like app development services and control every aspect of your on-demand company from one location with Automated Dispatching and Real-Time Monitoring.

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Customer Management

Our adaptable CRM system allows you to manage client information in one location. Create lasting connections with clients by using their order histories best.

Advanced Admin Panel

Keep track of your company directly from the web-based admin interface. Track and verify your drivers, read reviews, get regular input, and more.

What More Can You Do With Our Groundbreaking Solution?

Build your own uber app for your taxi-hailing business to support riders and drivers extensively to give your ride-hailing business a modern twist. By using dedicated taxi app solutions with all the necessary features, you can give drivers and clients an outstanding user experience. In addition, with an interactive admin panel, AppLikeUber provides comprehensive monitoring and management of each activity.  
You can ensure that your customers find making transport requests very comforting by utilizing features like real-time monitoring and scheduled route requests. Ergo, give vision to your dreams, provide your clients with prompt service using modern transport options, and establish yourself in this competitive market. Build an app like uber and expand it in the future with us!  

How Do We Solve Modern Transportation Problems?


High Standard Of Services

With our uber-like apps, we ensure to provide customers and business commuters with a high level of service. First, we incorporate the various features needed to enhance the convenience of the transport service. We are close to making the trip comfortable by adopting better vehicles and certified drivers.



Apps For Taxi Drivers And Passengers

To establish a reputable company, all you need is a taxi app that is simple to use and comes with apps for both customers and drivers. It is what our apps are made of. Users can schedule a ride for themselves or a friend from anywhere, at any time, with a few taps on their smartphone. And drivers can track everything seamlessly!


Route Optimization

Using our automated route planner saves you time and money on dispatches. You can make more transports with Optimized Routes, and your customers will be happy because they can monitor your arrival time. These features allow users to keep track of the whereabouts of their assigned driver in real-time as well.

Start Building Your High-Performance Uber-Like App With Our Experts

Experience The Magic Of Uber-like App Development

There are features you must include in your tech solution if you want to create effective taxi booking software. Our ready-made taxi app solution comes with a collection of 3 distinct app panels to keep things uncomplicated but effective:

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User App
uber clone driver app development
Driver App
uber clone admin panel app development
Admin Panel

How An App Like Uber Works

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Get Free Live Demo Of Our App

Check out how the applications, dashboards and features will work in the real world. Here are the Android, iOS and Web Versions of our Taxi App.

User App
Driver App
Admin Panel

Username: [email protected]

Password: 12345678

List Of Features You Get

Hassle-Free Booking

Users can select suitable taxis, designate pick-up and drop-off places, schedule trips, and more with a quick sign-in. Allow users to book and journey without hassle with your taxi booking app.

Real-Time ETA and GPS Tracking

GPS-enabled app to monitor drivers' current locations and instantly select the best path. It ensures a smooth real-time tracking experience for the driver, the customer, and the company.

SOS Button

Add a panic button so that users can instantly notify their contacts in an emergency. In an emergency, this enables commuters or drivers to contact law enforcement.

Driver & Car Preview

Riders can choose their preferred vehicle and watch a preview of the driver before the trip starts. It allows easy onboarding for riders and ensures safety.

Responsive Design

Our Uber App clone script's flexible user interface is simple to customize for any device the app uses. So create a taxi app with a responsive UI and UX.

Call Masking

Allow free communication between your drivers and passengers, but be sure to mask their actual phone numbers for security and prevent the information of both parties from leaking.

Multiple Payment Options

Allow numerous safe payment methods, such as credit card, debit card, smartphone payment, and cash payments, for emergencies. Make payments seamless, secure, and efficient.

Fare Management

Thanks to a very flexible pricing strategy included with our app development, similar to uber, the drivers can establish prices based on a specific place and time.

Create An App Like Uber
Manage Drivers And Customers

Admins can manage reviews, enable or disable services, add or delete drivers, and more. In addition, this feature allows admins to monitor, track, and record every trip detail.

Build Uber Like App
One-Stop Dashboard

Use our One-Stop reporting dashboard to manage bills and gain visibility into spending. In addition, admins can view all summary details of taxi systems in graphical forms, be it drivers, trips, or heatmaps.

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Push Alerts

Drivers and riders both receive push notifications. In addition, for any action on the application, riders & transporters must receive an in-app notification or update warning.

Free Bug Support

If you find any bugs, we'll fix them throughout the support time. In addition, we are continuously working to develop innovative solutions to help you outpace the competition.

Boost ROI With The Most Innovative Uber Like App Builder Solution

Technologies Used To Build Taxi App

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