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Create An App Like Uber - Complete White Label Solution

Add a contemporary touch to your taxi booking company! Our inDriver clone app will satisfy your customers' every cab-riding need!

What Is An inDriver Clone?

Uber Clone App

An inDriver clone app is a pre-built app solution that replicates the features and functionality of the popular ride-hailing app, inDriver. inDriver is a ride-hailing platform that allows passengers to negotiate fares directly with drivers, creating a unique and flexible experience for both parties. An inDriver clone app enables entrepreneurs and businesses to launch their own ride-hailing platform quickly and efficiently, without the need for building an app from scratch.
It is a cost-effective and efficient way to launch their own ride-hailing platform. It replicates the features and functionality of inDriver, allowing businesses to create a customized ride-hailing platform that aligns with their brand image and target audience. Using a clone app provides businesses with a ready-made solution that leverages the knowledge and experience gained by inDriver, providing a reliable foundation for new businesses.

Choose From The Best inDriver Clone

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Simplicity at its Best

Users are guided to the next step in the process by clear, clean platforms; this results in a better user experience and encourages them to keep using the app.

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Scalable Solution

Regardless of the size, every company can benefit from our solution, and our adaptable inDriver clone script can manage any fleet size.

High-performing Apps

No one enjoys waiting. We, therefore, create high-performing apps to ensure that your programs continue to run swiftly and effectively.

Top-notch Security

We ensure your apps have the best security available, which is crucial for many apps that keep private or confidential financial or personal data.

Fully Automated Operations

Leverage our cutting-edge inDriver clone app to automate taxi dispatching and rapidly respond to customer requests.

100% Customizable

Our inDriver clone app development can be customized in every way. The solution also includes sophisticated features like integrations and upgrades.

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User App Features

Real-time Tracking

The rider will receive real-time updates and alerts for the accepted trip, the expected driver arrival time, and the journey's start, end, or cancellation.

Fare Breakdown

Riders can evaluate the expected fare for the trip based on the vehicle category they choose, as well as the pick-up and drop-off places.

Get Driver’s Info

Riders can view the driver's information, including identity, photo, and ability to contact and chat with the driver after the driver takes a ride.

Price Negotiations

Our in-driver app clone gives users and riders of the application the freedom to set a bid price that they feel safe with.

Driver App Features

Ride Acceptance/Rejection

Drivers have three choices after the rider has bid his fee: accept, reject, or bid higher. Drivers can choose their rides using this feature. 

Bid For His Fare

The driver can accept the request based on the passenger's requested pricing or give the rider his suggested fare.

Earnings Breakdown

Drivers can view their balance and statistics in their wallets and their daily, weekly, and journey profits. 

Driver Details

At the time of registration, the driver will upload documents like an ID, a driver's license, and a registration certificate. 

Admin Panel Features

Revenue and Roles Manager

Admin can give various roles to sub-admins, who will carry out those tasks in line with their assigned roles and monitor daily, weekly, monthly, and total earnings. 

Driver Document Verification

Admins can check or look up the driver's documentation by entering the document category's exact name in their search bar. 

Transactions and wallet manager

The admin can keep track of daily records, transactions, and other activities using various filter choices. 


Admins can monitor daily reports and activities on the admin dashboard in addition to that. Additionally, it allows them to sort the information that is presented quickly.

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What You’ll Get With Our inDriver Clone App

We have created a complete tech suite that you can use to start your own app like inDriver anywhere in the world. To make things simple yet effective, our uber clone solution comes with a set of 3 different app panels:

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User App

uber clone driver app development

Driver App

uber clone admin panel app development

Admin Panel

How inDriver Clone App Works

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Check out how the applications, dashboards and features will work in the real world. Here are the Android, iOS and Web Versions of our inDriver Clone.

User App
Driver App
Admin Panel
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Unleash The True Potential Of Your Business With Our inDriver Clone App Development:

Taxi companies need an app in today’s fast-paced environment because consumers now anticipate apps for the services they need. Additionally, if you have an app, you’ll ultimately retain clients. The InDriver clone developed by Apporio serves many functions, including transportation reservations and package delivery services.  
Utilizing cutting-edge features and functionalities, it revolutionizes how customers conduct business in the contemporary world when they use an app to order a courier transport or schedule a taxi. Own a feature-rich InDriver clone app for your company so you can simply and rapidly extend your verticals and appeal to mass users. Additionally, you can extend your service by including additional cab services like carpooling, out-of-town trips, and vehicle leasing using our InDriver clone app. Profit from this chance to invest in an app that will increase your earnings with every taxi trip arranged through the app. Develop an indriver clone with Apporio, go live & start earning in a week! 

Pre-packed Features You Get With Our inDriver Clone:

Total Transparency

To build long-lasting partnerships, the first stage is transparency. We keep our customers fully updated at every stage of development.

Security & Confidentiality

We will never use the same code twice to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of our code and your custom program.

Native App development

Our inDriver clone script is created using cutting-edge Android and iOS technology. So, no matter what smartphone a client uses, you can reach out to all of them.

Pre & Post-Sales Support

Our concern is for our customers. We provide end-to-end support as a result. We are available to help you whenever you need it.

Multi-Language and Currency

The app includes numerous currencies so that transactions can pay for rides and purchases without restrictions. Additionally, there are numerous methods of payment, including cash and online.

Online Driver Verification

You need more drivers if you want to expand your online taxi company. Thankfully, our solution enables you to obtain qualified ones via the admin interface.

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Explore Our Add-on Features:

Real-time Tracking

The platform includes a map with a live status so that users can track their drivers' locations and drivers can follow riders. Real-time journey and ride tracking are possible with this feature. In addition, users will receive real-time updates and alerts for everything related to trips.

Handicap Accessibility

We work hard to be the solution you won't find elsewhere. You will have the chance to impact people's lives with our disability mobility features and ready-made inDriver Clone Script. We're eager to journey with you on this experience!

Call Masking

Protect your driver’s and user’s privacy and ensure personal data protection. For example, call masking protects privacy by preventing users and drivers from seeing each other's contact information when getting in touch to enquire about the trip.

Scheduled rides

The availability of Scheduled Trips throughout the day gives people more flexibility when using ride-hailing services. Passengers can choose to ride at a different time, book in advance, and let the driver be notified with automatic alerts in reality.

Set Favorite Driver

Making ride-hailing even simpler for your customers is one way to enhance the service users have already grown to adore. You can also guarantee that you provide your users with what they want and need by allowing them to retain their best drivers on the "favorites" list.


Ultimately, more than just your users' safety should be a top priority. You can further safeguard your vehicles by highlighting crime-ridden areas and applying our geo-restriction/fencing features. Then, start your own secure, effective, and profitable ride-hailing company.

Technologies Used To Build inDriver Clone App

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Asked questions

One of the taxi applications with the quickest growth, InDriver Clone, uses a successful business strategy. With its "negotiable fares" option, the InDriver app disrupted the industry for online cab booking apps. In addition, you can integrate advanced features to make your app more scalable!

The InDriver clone app offers a variety of features to help a company start in numerous regions, including support for multiple payment gateways, languages, and currencies.

After the platform launches, Apporio provides after-sales support as an extra service. To learn more about our services, get in touch with us!

Our InDriver clone app does indeed support various languages. The English language is the primary vocabulary of the script. However, we can integrate any language you desire.

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