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Predictions For Mobile App Development Trend In 2022

virtual reality app development trend 2022

No matter if you are an entrepreneur or an app developer, we have written this article to help you find out about the upcoming mobile app development trend in 2022. So, without further ado, here are the mobile app development trend that you need to pay attention to in 2022.

1. Microservices will Rule the Future of Mobile Development

Microservices is a software architecture style of developing a single application as a suite of small services. These services are independently developed and deployed, with the goal of making them easy to replace.

The microservice architecture allows developers to design and build software in a way that improves scalability and agility. This architecture also promotes continuous delivery, which helps businesses deliver new features faster. For on-demand businesses, this one is the winning mobile app development trend.

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2. The Rise of React Native Apps

The rise of React Native Apps is due to the fact that they are cheaper to build and also offer a seamless user experience.

These apps are not limited to one platform. You can use React Native API for Android, iOS and Windows devices. This means that you can share your app codebase across multiple platforms and save time and money.

React Native apps have been rising in popularity as they provide a seamless user experience, are cheaper to build and don’t have any restrictions on the type of device it’s being used on.

3. Progressive Web Apps will Transform the Way You Use Mobile Devices Forever!

Progressive web apps are websites that offer app-like features. They load instantly and can be added to the home screen of your mobile device.

Progressive web apps are a new way of delivering app-like experiences on the web. The advantages of progressive web apps include instant loading, increased engagement and easy updates.

4. Virtual Reality Will Become a Standard Feature with Every Smartphone

VR is a technology that has been around for decades, however it has never been accessible to the masses. Now, with the release of the iPhone X and Android’s Daydream VR system, VR is becoming more accessible.

Apple bought Niantic Labs in 2016 and uses its augmented reality expertise to create new AR experiences for iPhones. Google’s Daydream VR system is starting to take shape. Soon it will be available on more devices. Ultimately, VR will soon become a standard feature with every smartphone. 

5. AI Driven

In the past few years, more and more AI driven apps are being introduced to the market.

The trend of AI driven apps is growing at a rapid rate. It has been predicted that by 2020, 75% of all mobile apps will incorporate artificial intelligence. Integrating AI in different mobile apps has already become a profitable mobile app development trend. 

AI driven apps can be categorized into two: there are apps that work on machine learning and then there are apps that use natural language processing.

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