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What Is Ready-Made Clone App?

Seeing the growing demand for mobile app-based businesses in the market. We have started to build ready-made apps for the on-demand business market. Start your online taxi business like Uberr, food delivery startups like Grubb, or a multiservice app like Gojekk in less than 7 days using our ready-made clone apps.

Our ready-made clone app can be used by an entrepreneur or a traditional on-demand service business to reach more customers and generate more revenue.

Benefits Of Our Ready-Made Clone Apps

Automated Business

Build a more efficient and innovative work environment. Our ready-made app solutions can be used by various on-demand service sectors to automate their business operations. Offer quick responses to your customers, send them push notifications, or perhaps an exclusive discount to increase your customer retention rate.

Tried And Tested Application

We are in this industry for more than 7 years now. Throughout our journey, we have helped more than 1000 startups and small businesses to start their online business using our ready-made clone app. By testing it in the real market we have managed to build an exceptional product that leads you to success.

Affordable For Startups

Mobile development can get costly. However, this won’t be the case if you decide you spend your money on our ready-made clone app. All the research and development are already done, which brings down the cost of app development and makes it more affordable.

Futureproof Solution

Our ready-made clone scripts are scalable and advanced all set to support your business with the growing demand. This way you don’t have to worry about tomorrow, no matter how big or small your fleet is, our app will help you manage it effortlessly.

Get More Business

Customers started to go with the businesses that offer their services through an app. So by launching a business app you will allow your customers to reach for your services easily. Ultimately getting more business coming your way.

Ready-To-Launch In Just 7 Days

With our fully customizable ready-made clone app, we can help you build and launch your uberr like taxi business (or any other on-demand service business) in just 7 days. Our expert developers have already helped more than 500 taxi startups all over the world. Now it’s your time.

Features Of Our User App

To help your business connect easily with the customers and offer them easy access, our ready-made clone user app comes with these features:

  • Simple Registration
  • Intuitive UI and UX Design
  • Ride/Service Cost
  • Estimation
  • Online Payment Option
  • Geolocation and Routing
  • In-App Chat
  • Easy Scheduling

Market Leading Ready-Made Uber Clone Apps For Taxi, Grocery And Handyman Business.

Features Of Our Driver/Service Provider App

With our advanced clone driver/service provider app, you can build a more efficient work environment. Here are the features that help you get the edge over the market.

  • Track Ride/Service History
  • Track Earnings
  • Easy Service Pick-Up
  • Availability Toggle
  • In-App GPS
  • Easy Tracking

Launch Your Modern Taxi Booking Business With Our Advanced Uber Clone App Solution.
Businesses You Can Run With Our
Ready-Made Uber Clone App
Our ready-made uber clone app is not just a taxi app solution. It is the world’s number 1 clone app that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to launch their online businesses. Meant to offer more opportunities for customers engagement, our ready-made clone script will help you to generate more revenue. Apart from just being an online taxi booking app, you can use our uber clone app to offer various services such as car rental service, carpooling app, outstation taxi, and much more.

Our Advanced Admin Panel

Keep track of everything, get detailed reports of your daily activities, with just one glace at our advanced admin panel. Here are its main features:

  • Manage Orders & Bookings
  • Offer Promo & Referral Codes
  • Easy Catalogue Management 
  • Real-Time Order Tracking/Status Update 
  • Advanced Analytics Report 
  • Secure Payment Gateway
  • Fully Automatic Dispatch System
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Available For Both Android And iOS Devices

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