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Make a wise investment. Start your own multiverse business with our ready-made Gojek clone app and run 52+ different services.

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All You Can Do With Our
Gojek Clone App

Gojek Cone
Gojek Cone
  • Ride Hailing
  • Delivery
  • Handyman Services

Taxi Ride

Moto Ride

Car Rental

Moto Rental

Food Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Courier Delivery

Marijuana Delivery

Logistics Deliveries

Medicine Delivery

Wine Delivery

Flower Delivery




Beauty Service


Car wash





Travel Agent



Real estate Agent

Car Repair

Insurance Agent

Gojek Clone

Path To Your Success

Our market-leading Gojek clone app has entrepreneurs all over the world starting their successful on-demand business. And this is how you can also start your successful online business.
Multiple Opportunities

You can launch not just one but 52+ different on-demand businesses with our Gojek clone app.

Ready-Made Solution

Don’t have to waste your time and money. Get our ready-made Gojek clone script and start your business.

Customizable App

Fits all your business needs. Add or remove features that you require to grow your business.

Reach All Your Customers

With your Gojek clone app, customers can access your service from anywhere, anytime.

Gojek Clone: Creative User App

To make your customers love your services, we have made it easy for them to reach you.

Easy Login

Make it easy for your customers to use your service. Allow them login easily via email or social profile.

Multiple Services

Offer ease of payment, accept online and cash payments. Our Gojek clone comes with a secure payment gateway.

Easy Booking/Scheduling

Let your customers access your service anytime. Let them book your service now or let them schedule for later.

Doorstep Service

Reach your customers’ doorstep and offer the help they need. Advanced GPS of our Gojek clone offers precise navigation.

Gojek Clone
Gojek Cone

Launch your own multiservice business app. Get our ready-made Gojek clone.

Intuitive Driver/Service
Provider App

Make it easy for your driver/service provider to respond to your customers using these features:

Track Earning

Let the driver/service provider keep track of their daily earnings directly through the app.

Online Verification

Hire more help, use the online verification for quick and seamless hiring of new drivers/service providers.

Transfer Funds

Allow your drivers/service providers to withdraw their earnings directly from the app.

Availability Toggle

Drivers/service providers can mark their availability using this in-app toggle to let you know they are ready to take more work.

Advanced Admin/Dispatcher Panel

Get insight into all your business operations, get detailed analytics, offer new offers, and more.

Manage Drivers /Service Provider

Verify drivers/service providers online, hire new or blacklist drivers from the panel itself.

Add Or Remove Service

You can run more than 52 different services with one app, adding or removing services won’t be a problem.

Manage Offers And Promos

Offer exclusive deals and discounts to your customers directly from the admin panel.

Heat Map

Find out where people are loving your service. Get detailed insight and make better strategies.

Connect With Customers

Offer personalized discounts, new offers, and coupon codes directly from the admin panel.

Advance Analytics

Admin panel generated detailed analytics to help you check the performance of your business.

Run 52+ On-Demand Businesses With One App. Want To Know How?

Our Gojek Clone Workflow

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Frequently Asked questions

Gojek clone is an advanced mobile app solution for on-demand businesses. It helps a business to run more than 52 different services with one app, merging into 3 relevant categories named as , Online Taxi Service, Delivery Service, and Handyman Service. By launching your own gojek clone you can run a taxi business, delivery business, grocery business, electrician on demand and much more with just one app.

To help our clients' funding we have created a ready-made app that helps us save time in research and development, and you get to save your money. However the exact cost of your project depends on your business plan and its requirements. You can request free custom proposal, by contacting us.

No, we do not represent Gojek or any other business. We are a mobile app development company, providing their ready-made gojek clone based business for the small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our ready-made app solutions are whitelable clone apps that helps businesses to offer their service to the customers via a mobile app technology.

Our ready-made Gojek clone app comes with advanced features, though you can always add or remove features according to your business needs. Starting a new multiservice on-demand business is quite simple. Our experienced team of developers and a dedicated project manager will guide you throughout the process of developing and deploying your new on-demand business.

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    Disclaimer: We provide whitelabel clone app solution. Terms such as Uber, Gojek, TaskRabbit are there for easy understanding of our solution. We don’t represent any of these brands. x