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Gojek Cone
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Taxi Ride

Moto Ride

Car Rental

Moto Rental

Food Delivery

Grocery Delivery

Courier Delivery

Marijuana Delivery

Logistics Deliveries

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Car wash





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Gojek Clone

Benefits Of Our Gojek Clone

Our market-leading Gojek clone app has helped entrepreneurs all over the world. Starting a successful on-demand Super app was never so easy before. With our ready-made Gojek clone, you can get a fully fledged working app within a short period of time. Even if you are already running an on-demand business, you can use our Gojek clone to build your own brand.

Multiple Opportunities

You can launch not just one but 100+ different on-demand businesses with our Gojek clone app development solution.

Ready-Made Solution

Don’t have to waste your time and money. Get our ready-made Gojek clone script and start your business.

Customizable App

Fits all your business needs. Add or remove features that you require to grow your business.

Reach All Your Customers

With your Gojek clone app, customers can access your service from anywhere, anytime.

Qualities Of Our Gojek Clone App

Launching a Gojek like business is not easy. Managing more than just one service at a time will require a great solution that will not create a fuss. Instead makes your entire work operations of running multiple businesses super easy. To make sure, both you and your users can access the different services without any technical hurdles. We have divided all the different services into 3 different categories. First one is ride-hailing, then online deliveries, and the last one is on-demand handyman services.

Gojek Clone: Creative User App

To make things easy for you and your customers. We have created a truly remarkable business solution for you.

Easy Login

Make it easy for your customers to use your service. Allow them login easily via email or social profile.

Multiple Services

Offer ease of payment, accept online and cash payments. Our gojek like Super app development solution comes with a secure payment gateway.

Easy Booking/Scheduling

Let your customers access your service anytime. Let them book your service now or let them schedule for later.

Doorstep Service

Reach your customers’ doorstep and offer the help they need. Advanced GPS of our Gojek clone offers precise navigation.

gojek clone app development
Gojek Cone

Launch Your Own Multi Service Business App Today.

gojek clone app

Intuitive Driver/Service
Provider App

Make it easy for your driver/service provider to respond to your customers using these features:

Track Earning

Let the driver/service provider keep track of their daily earnings directly through the app.

Online Verification

Hire more help, use the online verification for quick and seamless hiring of new drivers/service providers.

Transfer Funds

Allow your drivers/service providers to withdraw their earnings directly from the app.

Availability Toggle

Drivers/service providers can mark their availability using this in-app toggle to let you know they are ready to take more work.

Advanced Admin/Dispatcher Panel

Get insight into all your business operations, get detailed analytics, offer new offers, and more.

gojek clone admin panel
Manage Drivers /Service Provider

Verify drivers/service providers online, hire new or blacklist drivers from the panel itself.

Add Or Remove Service

You can run more than 100 different services with one app, adding or removing services won’t be a problem.

Manage Offers And Promos

Offer exclusive deals and discounts to your customers directly from the admin panel.

Heat Map

Find out where people are loving your service. Get detailed insight and make better strategies.

Connect With Customers

Offer personalized discounts, new offers, and coupon codes directly from the admin panel.

Advance Analytics

Admin panel generated detailed analytics to help you check the performance of your business.

Run 100+ On-Demand Businesses With One App. Want To Know How?

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Gojek Clone As An Online Taxi Booking Business

Fulfill all the transportation related requirements of your customers with an advanced app solution. Run an online taxi booking business, a car pooling service and car rental service with one app. Offer a safe and secure mode of transportation to your users during this pandemic. Built trust, retain more customers and make more revenue, advanced features of our Super app will allow you to do it all without breaking a sweat.

Following are some of the main features of our Gojek clone as an online taxi booking business:
logo app
Social Login

Don’t have to fill all those blank spaces to log in. Our Gojek-like app supports social log in. Users can use their pre-existing social media accounts to start using your app and book services.

gojek clone pin location
Real-Time Tracking

After booking a taxi, users can track the location of their ride in real time. This feature is very useful, as it also helps to provide ETA updates to users on their app screen.

gojek clone pay
Online Payment

Everyone is into contactless service these days. With the help of secure payment gateways features in our app solution. Your users can make online payments for the service they have booked.

calender logo
Schedule or Ride Now

Booking a taxi in advance is not hard with our app. You customers can choose to ride later instead of now using the scheduled ride features. Their ride will come to their doorstep on time, so that the user doesn't have to wait.

cancel ride in uber clone
Easy Cancellation

Plans get changed, we know that, that is why canceling a ride is super simple in our Gojek clone app. After the booking has been made but the user is no longer required the service can cancel their booking with just one tap.

gojek clone gps
Automatic Pickup Location

Advanced GPS system used to build our Gojek clone app can auto pick the current location of your user. That makes booking a taxi very easy. This feature is also available in service provider apps that allows them to reach the user more easily.

Gojek Clone As An Online Delivery Business

Run a food delivery business, a grocery delivery business, a courier delivery business all at the same time with our Gojek app. Introduce the modern grocery shopping, food ordering method to your customers. Allow them to order their weekly essentials or their favourite food from their favorite restaurant using your online Gojek clone app. Allow Users to get rid of multiple service apps they have installed in their phones. Help them to save time and space in their phones with your branded Gojek like app.

To make your app more enticing, our Gojek clone solution comes with advanced features mentioned below:

shopping basket
Add To Cart

When shopping through your app, users can pick different things and add them to the cart. Items added into the cart will stay there until the user doesn't remove them manually. Let them built their cart

delivery app development
Track Your Order

Users can track their order anytime directly from the app. The intuitive UI of our user app allows users to find what they are looking for without getting lost combined with the advanced GPS makes the tracking possible.

delivery logo
Schedule Delivery

Allow users to shop for their weekly essentials ahead of time. With the help of schedule deliveries, users can order particular items and set them to deliver on a particular date ahead of time.

gojek clone pay
Pay Online

Advanced payment system of our app allows users to pay for their orders online via credit/debit card, digital wallets etc. We have placed secure payment gateways to make sure the process is quick and seamless.

repeat logo
Repeat Orders

To save their time, users can repeat orders that are saved in their order history. Users don’t have to search for the particular items, with this feature they can directly go to the order history and repeat their orders.

Order History

All the previous orders by your customers will be saved in their app under the order history section. This will help them to track their spendings on the app and also help them to repeat orders in the future.

Get Free Live Demo Of Our App

Check out how the applications, dashboards and features will work in the real world. Here are the Android, iOS and Web Versions of our Gojek Clone.

User App
Driver App
Admin Panel

Username: [email protected]m

Password: 12345678

Gojek Clone As An Online Handyman Business

Help your users do all the odd jobs at their home and office. Offer multiple handyman services including plumber, electrician, beautician, laundry cleaning, etc. Our highly customizable Gojek clone app is a robust solution that is built for emerging startups to create a unique solution for its users. Hire experienced professionals to provide all the different services and use our ready-made app solution to reach your customers.

Here are the few features that will help your Gojek like app to retain more customers and make more revenue.

  • Service Categories

    With our Gojek clone app script and it’s intuitive UI, you users will never have to waste time on what they are looking for. All the different handyman services are separated in different categories for easy access.

  • Easy Schedule

    Allows users to book a handyman service from anywhere, anytime. With the help of a scheduling feature, users can book and schedule the service according to the time that suits their schedule.

  • Arrival Alert

    Before the service provider will reach the location of your user. The app will send them push notifications, telling them about the arrival of the service provider. Our app is here to help you attain the maximum efficiency.

  • Digital Payment

    Our app presents multiple payment options to its users. Using it you can allow your users to pay either online or in cash. Adding an extra layer of comfort is what our Gojek clone app is for.

handyman app development

Main Features Of Our Gojek Clone

gojek clone source code
100% Customizable Source Code

Our ready-made Gojek clone is a whitelabel app script which allows us to customize your app according to your needs. Skinning the app with your brand logo and colour theme is no problem. You can ask to add or remove features according to your needs as well.

gojek clone idea
Robust & Scalable Solution

Our expert developers have built the Gojek clone to be a scalable and robust solution. Needless to say it features clean code, furthermore it allows a business to run multiple services with one app. Our Gojek clone is a future proof solution that supports businesses and startups to grow.

gojek clone success
Advanced Analytics

In order to expand and grow, you’ll need the deep details of your new business's performance. To help you with that we have added an advanced analytics feature into the admin panel of our solution. It will provide you with the detailed analytics of how your business is performing.

gojek clone price and time
Easy Price Management

In case you are running your multiservice business in multiple cities, our app will let you manage the service charge for each city separately. Managing multiple businesses with our Gojek clone is very simple. As it offers all the features that you need for efficient work operations.

gojek clone alerts
In App Push Notifications

To remind your customer that the driver/service provider is at their doorstep to pick them up or drop the service they have ordered, we have installed an app push notification to the gojek clone script. Furthermore it can be used to send personalized offers to the user.

setting gojek clone
Profile Management

Users can update their profile with their favorite pick-up and drop location, by setting up multiple delivery addresses. Not just this they can also look back to their previous order history to reorder a service. Changing or updating payment options can also be managed from it.

gojek clone budget
Fare Estimates

Offering convenience to the users is what our Gojek clone offers. With the help of smart estimates features, users can know how much it’ll cost to order a particular service before availing the service. However the actual price might differ according to the circumstances.

live chat logo
Real Time Chat

After booking the service user can connect with the service provider or driver(in case of taxi booking) using the in-app chat feature. It can be used by the user for passing on the further instructions with the service provider.

Call Masking

To keep your customers identity secured, our advanced app features call masking. By using this feature admin can connect the user with the driver/service provider without revealing their phone numbers.

Our Gojek Clone Workflow

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Frequently Asked questions

Gojek clone is an all-in-one solution with the help of which you can offer 100+ online services such as ride-hailing, delivery, handyman service and many more to customers without any hassle. It has all the outstanding features, impressive functionalities and a powerful user interface available for both iOS and Android platforms.

To help our clients' start their new business we have created a ready-made app that helps us save time in research and development. Consequently it helps you to save your money when starting a new business. However the exact cost of your project depends on your business plan and its requirements. You can request free custom proposal by contacting us.

No, we do not represent Gojek as a business. We are a mobile app development company, providing their ready-made gojek clone app. That can be used by small business owners or entrepreneurs to start their online business. Our ready-made app solutions are whitelable clone apps. Our apps help businesses to offer their service to the customers via a mobile app technology.

Our ready-made Gojek like app comes with advanced features, though you can always add/remove features according to business needs. Starting a new multiservice on-demand business is quite simple. Our experienced team of developers and a dedicated project manager will guide you throughout the process. From development to deployment of your new on-demand business, we will be there to help you.

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