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Uber Clone App

Most Popular Taxi Script For Startups

Transform your traditional taxi business into a modern digital platform with globally trusted uber clone app.
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What Is Uber Clone?

uber clone app for taxi startups

Uber clone is a ready-to-launch taxi app solution that is designed to meet the business needs of taxi startups and entrepreneurs. With the help of uber clone app, they can start their ride-hailing and ride-sharing business. The app comes with many advanced features like area geo-fencing, customer and driver wallet, multi-currency & language, and many more features. 

We offer a fully custom and white-label uber app clone with complete source code. Our taxi booking app solution includes native Android and iOS apps with a powerful admin panel. Meant to offer more opportunities for customer engagement, our ready-made uber clone script will help you to generate more revenue. Apart from just being an online taxi booking app, you can use our uber app clone to provide various services such as car rental service, carpooling app, outstation taxi, and much more

Benefits Of Our Uber Clone Script

10X More Ride Requests

Launch your own taxi app like uber and allow customers to reach your service easily. Get more request

Affordable Price Tag

Being ready-made helped us to bring down the price tag of our uber clone app development service, so that you don’t have to invest all your earnings.

Scalable Solution

We have created a solution that can help you today, tomorrow and the rest of your life. No matter what your fleet size, our ready-made uber clone can handle it.

Fully Automated Operations

Offer a quick response to your customers request, with our fully automated uber clone app. Build a more advanced, and automatic taxi dispatch business.

Ready-To-Launch In Just 3 Days

Our ready-made application is easy to customize, takes less development time so you can start your new business as soon as possible (or you can say in just 3 days).

Tried And Tested Application

Uber clone app created by our developers is a tried and tested solution. It has already helped a number of startups to start their successful taxi business. Now it’s your turn.

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Why Choose Our Uber Clone App?

Times have changed, since the emergence of on-demand taxi apps, users can book a taxi directly from their home using a taxi app. Uber, Grab, Ola are some of the big players in the market, to compete with them you’ll also need an advanced uber clone app development solution for your business.

Our market tested uber like app development service is there to help you. Featuring 3 separate app panels, one for your users, one for the drivers and one for the admin. Combined together they create a fully automated work environment. If you are looking for a completely automated uber clone app that offers deep insights as well, then we are the one you need.

Our fully customizable uber clone app comes with all the advanced features that you’ll require to run your new taxi startup.

Major Features Of Our Uber Clone App

Native iOS App
We follow the market trend and practice all the latest technologies when developing our uber clone app. This will ensure that your users will get the best experience possible on their iOS devices.
Native Android App

Reach all your potential customers, with our uber clone app development service. Get native android built using the latest technologies, we have built something that will please your customers and benefit your business.

God’s Eye View
To help you keep track of your business easily, we have added a god’s eye feature into the admin panel. Use it to find out all the important information with just one glance of the dashboard of our admin panel.
Separate App Panels

To make things easy to manage our taxi app development solution it comes with separate app panels for both users and drivers. User app includes features that make taxi booking seamless, while the driver app comes with features that are useful to them.

headmap uber clone
Heat Map Insight
This feature is present inside the advanced admin panel of our uber clone solution. It tells you about the location where people are using your service more often. Use the insight to retain more customers and grow your business.
Advanced Admin Panel
Keep track of your business, experience the most efficient way to run your online taxi booking business. Verify drivers, send promo codes to users, read feedback, get regular insight and much more, directly from the web based admin panel.

Everything That You Can Do With Our Uber Clone Script

We have already told you we have built a scalable solution. So, you can always have an opportunity to grow your business. Our developers have created an ultimate uber clone app. Apart from just operating as a regular taxi providing business you can also offer carpooling, outstation taxi and car rental service. Our ready-made taxi dispatch system is highly trained to take up on the challenges you’ll face with the success of your new online taxi business. That’s why, not just a regular taxi business but you can add various taxi services such as, carpooling, outstation rides and car rental service to expand your business in the future.

How Our Uber Clone App Resolves
The Transportation Problems


Helps In Creating A Brand

With our ready-made Uber clone app development solution, you will not just get the opportunity to serve your customers in the best way possible. But also be able to create your online brand. Advanced features of our uber like app will help you to become popular among your users.



Quick Booking

No fuss, direct booking. With our Uber clone app you can help your users save your time by offering them the quick booking features. With just a few taps on their smartphone, users can book a ride for themselves or for a friend from anywhere, anytime.


Easy Navigation

Our expert developers have installed advanced GPS that helps drivers can reach the users pick-up location without any problem. Users can also use these features to track the real-time location of their designated driver.

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What You’ll Get With Our Uber Clone App

We have created a complete tech suite that you can use to start your own app like uber anywhere in the world. To make things simple yet effective, our uber clone solution comes with a set of 3 different app panels:
uber clone user app development
User App
uber clone driver app development
Driver App
uber clone admin panel app development
Admin Panel

How Uber Clone App Works

uber clone source code

Get Free Live Demo Of Our App

Check out how the applications, dashboards and features will work in the real world. Here are the Android, iOS and Web Versions of our Uber Clone.

User App
Driver App
Admin Panel

Username: [email protected]

Password: 12345678

Pre-Installed Features


After booking the ride, the user can track the live location of their taxi directly from the user app. It will also act as an added security feature that will help your customers feel safe in using your online taxi.


Based on their experience, users can rate the ride and share their feedback in the form of a review. Based on the reviews you can decide if there are any changes required in your business.

Availability Toggle

Available in the driver app, this feature will be used by the drivers to mark their presence. Drivers will start receiving ride requests immediately after turning on the availability toggle in their app.

Easy Cancellation

Change in plan no problem, users can easily cancel the ride with just one tap on the user app screen. Or they can use the scheduled ride for later and postpone their plans of going out.

Social Media Login

Save your users from unnecessary login forms. With our uber clone app your users can use their social logins to start using your service. They can use Google, Facebook or email to login.

View Earning

This feature is also available in the driver app. It can be used to check the earnings of the day, week or month by the drivers. They can also request withdrawal directly from the app.

Fare Estimates

Users can get the fare estimates before booking their rides. Our smart uber clone app is capable of calculating the ride distance and offers the fare estimates. Though the final fare might vary depending on the various situations.

Online Verification

Expanding your business, adding more drivers is very easy when you are using our Uber clone app. Anyone who wants to work with your company can directly submit their documents from the driver app and apply as a driver in your company.

Send Promo Codes

Build better customer relations, make them come back to use your service or treat them for their loyalty. Send special offers and promo codes. This feature will be available in the admin panel and help you to retain more customers.

Secure Payment Gateway

Your modern taxi business comes with modern payment features. Secure payment gateways come pre-installed with our Uber clone solution. So that use can pay for the ride online or through a digital wallet.

Manage Drivers

From the dashboard of the admin panel you can add or remove drivers. Verifying drivers will also be done from the admin panel dashboard. Not just this but you can also read the reviews and rating of each driver.

Automatic Billing

After the end of ride, the app will generate the bill automatically that will be visible on both the user and driver app screen. Users can use any of the offered payment methods to pay for their ride.

Our Uber Clone App Got Everything You Need. Come Try It Now.

Technologies Used To Build Uber Clone App

app development technlogy

Asked questions

Creating an app like Uber requires extensive planning and development. You will need to determine the features and functionality that you want to include, choose the right technology stack, and develop the app's design and user interface. It's important to consider factors such as scalability, user experience, and security when creating an app like Uber. To make the process easier, you can also consider using a pre-built Uber clone solution that comes with a range of customizable features.

An Uber clone app works in a similar way to the original Uber app. It allows users to request a ride by entering their pickup and drop-off location. Once the ride is requested, the app matches the user with a nearby driver who accepts the ride request. The user can track the driver's location in real-time and communicate with them directly through the app. After the ride is complete, the user can rate the driver and provide feedback on their experience.

No, the Uber app script is not the same as the Uber app. The Uber app script is a pre-built solution that replicates the functionality of the Uber app. It provides entrepreneurs with a ready-made solution that can be customized to fit their specific needs. However, the Uber app script does not include the same level of features and functionality as the original Uber app.

Yes, when you purchase an Uber clone solution, you will typically receive full ownership of the source code. This means that you can customize and modify the app's features and functionality as per your requirements.

When you purchase an Uber clone solution, you will typically get access to a pre-built app solution that includes a range of customizable features. These features may include GPS-based ride requests, real-time ride tracking, in-app payments, and driver and passenger ratings. You will also receive the source code for the app, which can be customized and modified as per your needs.

The technologies used in Uber clone app development may vary depending on the development team and the specific requirements of the project. However, typically, Uber clone apps are built using a range of technologies such as GPS technology, real-time data processing, and secure payment gateways. Some of the popular technology stacks used in Uber clone app development include React Native, Swift, and Android Studio.

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