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Most Reliable Ubereats Clone App

Launch your own food delivery business with fully custom and white label ubereats clone app in 7 days.
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All-in-one software to grow
your online restaurant business

Reach all your
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UberEats Clone Script : User App Features

Launch your online food ordering system. Allow customers to order food from anywhere-anytime.

Easy Login
ETA Updates
Schedule Ordering
Live Order Tracking
Elegant Food Menu
Secure Payment Option
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UberEats Clone Script : Delivery Person App Features

Not just for customers, but we care about your staff as well. So we have made an advanced service provider app for them as well.

Accept/Reject Request
Online Document Verification
Availability Toggle
In-App Push Notification
Advance Map Module
Track Daily Earnings
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Major features of our app

To help you achieve your business goals. We have packed our ubereats
clone with all the advanced features. Take a look:

Manage Menu

Partnered restaurants can add or remove food items from their menu through the restaurant web panel that we provide.

Restaurant Availability Toggle

Restaurants can easily set their availability directly from the dashboard of the restaurant web panel.

Manage Pricing

Vendors can change the price tag of any particular food item from the restaurant web panel.

Easy Accept/Reject Request

Depending on the availability of the food items, the restaurant can easily accept or reject the order request through the admin panel.

Schedule Booking

Restaurants can accept the request before their open hours and schedule the order delivery accordingly.

Track Order In Process

Restaurants can easily track the status of orders that are being prepared or out for delivery.

Delivery Radius

Our advanced admin panel for the food delivery app allows the business owner to set the delivery radius.

Driver Tracking

It is easy to track the driver location through the admin panel of our food delivery system.

Heat Map

With this feature, admin can reroute their drivers to the more popular area to complete more order requests.

Access Records

Our sophisticated admin panel allows you to check the previous order records and behavior of both the user and restaurant.

Orders Placed/Delivered

Admin can check the individual record of orders placed by a users. Furthermore he can view orders delivered and order processed by the restaurants.

Easy To Use

To offer better efficiency, we have built an advanced admin web panel that makes everything you need available at the dashboard. So you can manage your business easily.

Instant Search

Users can search for their favorite dish or restaurant to find exactly what their tummy wanted to eat.

Smart Suggestions

Based on the previous orders of the user, the app can give smart food suggestions that the user might want to order.

Custom Notes

This feature can be used by the customers to send special instructions to the kitchen or the delivery person.

Bulk Ordering

Users can order the food in bulk with our food delivery app script. Maybe they are having a party, good thing you got them covered.

Order History

Customers can easily reorder their favorite food or browse the menu of their favorite restaurant by browsing their order history.

Restaurant Banner

Admin can easily promote the new restaurants or menu on their platform by showing the restaurant banner.

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Scalable And Advanced Online Food Ordering System

Get our fully customizable ubereats clone app and start your own unique food delivery business. Simplify the food ordering process for your customers. Manage your business with the technology. Never miss a delivery with advanced gps.

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Our code is 100% customizable according to different business needs. It is clean and robust which also supports scalability so that you can easily expand your business. Our on-demand delivery app can easily handle multiple requests without breaking.

With our advanced admin panel, you can easily release promo codes for your users. However, when it comes to loyalty programs the admin panel will keep track of your customer's order history. So that you can easily incentivize them accordingly.

No, we don't sell uber business. Our uber clone for delivery businesses are not Uber apps. They are fully customizable on-demand solutions for your business. So that you can easily change its colour, design, and UI to represent your unique business or brand and not an Uber business. We don't use UBER technology, we have just used their term for a better understanding of the business process.

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